Since 1989 Myxzlplix has been the one constant in the ever-shifting landscape of the San Diego DJ scene. Starting out with backyard parties in gang-held neighborhoods, and going on to publish a ‘zine about Alternative/Industrial Dance & early House & Techno, Myxzlplix soon became one of the names most associated with the nascent San Diego outlaw rave scene. While music stagnated in the sailor-filled clubs at the beach and barely existed in the early days of San Diego’s Gaslamp district, Myxzlplix and his peers took the party to thousands every weekend in the naked desert, “borrowed” parking lots and under-construction warehouses. As the electronic dance movement peaked in the 90s, Myxzlplix was finally welcomed into the clubs as an ambassador to the underground vibe. Starting with his legendary stint at the longest and most popular weekly event “Hedonism” at Rich’s (a landmark nightclub in the city’s gay neighborhood), Myxzlplix has played nearly every dance floor in San Diego county. Not one year has gone by since 1994 where Myxzlplix was not in residency at one or more nightclubs. His presence became so ubiquitous that an alias was crafted; “Moody Rudy”, to give him greater freedom to explore sounds that his fans wouldn’t normally expect from him including hip-hop, neo-soul & more. Since the 90s a balancing act of writing for industry magazines, reporting his chart selections to Billboard Magazine & Giant Step and running a multi-media company has occupied the space between DJ’ing and producing; for himself and established artists, worldwide. His latest out-of-booth experience plunged him into co-hosting and handling marketing and radio operations for the internationally syndicated Global Subdivisions Radio Show™, where he showcased the talents of globally known DJs & producers making noise in the always-connected digital world. Now, he’s much more studio focused and committed to crafting his signature sound while remaining open to the current spectrum of house – techno. Current releases on Sunclock, Purespace, Evoked and Sound Vessel prove that with more productions and “remyxes” on the way, Myxzlplix is ready to conquer more.